Web Design and Development

Pod Concepts understands your business objectives and target audience to build websites that attract and engage your potential customers.

Do you always google for great places to chill ? Do you google for movie or food reviews ? Do you google for jokes that make your day? Most importantly, do you google to find your suppliers or vendors? So, why dont your potential customers are googling for your business too?

In this increasing wire-up world , having a visibility on the virtual world , is no longer a matter of choice, it is a need for business survival.

People search for anything they need on the internet, if your business can fulfil their need, why not let your website do the advertising or selling while you are asleep?

Our talented web design team creates designs that are impressive and eye-catching, drawing attention to visitors of your site and engaging them to stay on. Our dedicated programmers will make sure your website work as your business needs it to. Together, we create websites that effectively promotes your business and generate sales online or offline.

Other Services Include

Website Maintenance

Basic security plugins for website to prevent hacking and malware

Monthly broken links analysis

Weekly backup of website content