Web Applications Development

You Name It ,We Code It

As technology improves and people are more accustomed to solving daily problems and inconveniences using the internet , websites today not only serve as providing information , they also act as tools to improve productivity and save costs.

Pod Concepts can develop any type of web applications to be integrated into the website as long as the requirements are clearly described. Our experienced and talented programmers are able to integrate customized web applications into the underlying back-end platform ,to provide greater synergy for the website and the business.

Robust web application along with creative and modern web design will provide an awesome user experience that strengthens the corporate image and capability of the company.



Popular Web Applications


Share industry corporate info with your viewers in a casual way to connect with them


Booking System

Do away with the time-consuming ways of manual/telephone bookings . Booked dates and times can be blocked off ,customers can see your schedule and book an appropriate time , making it simple and clear for both.


Interactive Map

Have a creatively designed and interactive map to show your locations


Site Search And Filter

Viewers can search and filter for required services, products or merchants,etc with an integrated search and filter function within a page


Custom Forms and
Upload of Files

Customers can easily submit their info and upload files to the website if needed



Gathering Requirements

  • aDiscuss objective of web application ,how it works within the website and how it interacts with viewers/users


  • bDesign its front-end user interface
  • cDesign its content flow


  • dDevelop its database and functionality using MYSQL and PHP
  • eIntegrate to websites backend platform