Marketplace or Portals

Pod Concepts is made up of a team of professional designers and programmer who constantly keeps up with the latest trend in terms design, functionality development, and most importantly, business models.

Marketplace websites, like that of or , are in the trend now, as it provides a low cost way of starting business for most vendors or merchants with stores in the website. By the power of volume, a marketplace congregates many merchants so that marketing costs are shared across the board ,providing a low cost yet effective way of selling products online.

Pod Concepts is able to develop such 3-tiered website, whereby there is different levels of login and control . The 3 tiers are as below :

Super Admin (Owner of Website)

  • aManages the merchants and customers on the website. Able to see all products and sales report,etc


  • aHave their own login to upload, update products and company info
  • bCan only see their own products and sales reports
  • cHave their own store which functions like a stand-alone Ecommerce website


  • aHave their own login to see what products they have bought and personal details

Web Development Process

Gathering Requirements

  • aUnderstanding your business and design preferences.
  • bAdvising on design concepts, layout, navigation and web applications required.


  • cDesigning with the latest trends and unlimited revisions.


  • cDeveloping the websites interface and robust platform


  • eTraining users to update their website with the back-end Content Manage System (CMS)

Features Provided By Pod Concepts

Page Layout and

Organizing layout and flow of content your message gets communicated to your viewers effectively and quickly.


Proof-reading your content so that it is concise and accurate.

Social Media

All pages, products, events ,etc are social media integrated to allow sharing


Website resizes itself to any mobile device so that is attractive and reader-friendly on mobile

Search Engine
Optimized (SEO)

The website is search engine friendly and optimized

Content Management

Robust Content Mangement System (CMS) to allow the website owner to update content (text,pictures) easily and keep the website relevant and update at all times.

Robust Backup and
Database System

Backing up and protecting all content from any form of data loss.

Anti-Hacking and

Security software within servers to prevent malware and hacking to your website

Marketplace Features with Magento

Pod Concepts is the leading Magento developer for marketplace websites. Being one of the most popular ecommerce platform available, Magento is robust and versatile . Under the skillful integration of our programmers, Magento platform is able to accommodate different styles, layouts as well as a variety of web applications. Our programmers are able to build complex websites like marketplaces out of Magento ,harnessing its extensive features and passing on them on to the merchants who operates their stores in the marketplace .

We provide the following features for our Marketplace Websites :

  • Customised Design and Functionality
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Advanced Product Filtering ,Shipping and Comparison Tools
  • Inventory and Customer Management Tools
  • Built-In Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Multiple Language and Currencies
  • Integration with Credit Cards & PayPal
  • Customized Search Options
  • One Page Checkout
  • Live Shipping Rates
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Full Analytics and Reporting
  • Multiple images per product
  • Email Marketing and Newsletter Integration
  • Auto-Generation of Invoices and Receipts to Customers Upon Checkout